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this is kpix5 news on the
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cw. >> it's unfortunately that i had to lose him like that. >> family and friends reeling after an oakland rapper dies in a shooting. how the father of three is being mourned and the latest on the search for his killer live from the scene. his first night on freedom after nearly seven years behind bars. how some bay area students helped free an innocent man. >> don't get involved, and i don't really want to get involved. >> and offduty when duty calls. a south bay police officer steps in to stop a crime. why he was in such a hurry to leave the scene. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. it was a violent scene no one could quite comprehend. a shooting and fiery crash that took the lives of three people, including an aspiring rap artist. new at 10:00, kpix5's kristen
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ayers shows us, friends and family gathered at a memorial for kenny. >> it is hitting me hard, that was like my little brother. >> candles line the street along the border where kenneth cherry grew up. the aspiring rapper was gunned down in las vegas where he moved a few years ago. ironically, to get away from gun violence. >> i think vegas was the best choice he could have made. because you know, it's a lot of street violence going on out here and a lot more intense than las vegas is. >> friends and family encouraged him to go. friends and family say cherry came from a good home. he dabbled in criminal activity as a youngster, but at heart was no troublemaker. court records show cherry had been arrested for having marijuana and a gun back in 2007, but friends say he left that lifestyle behind years ago
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and reports that he was a pimp are false. >> that is just an image. it's an image of music, you know what i mean? he wasn't a pimp. >> he was a father to three children under four, including a newborn girl just two months old. >> it's unfortunate that i had to lose him like that. i feel like they stole him from me. >> kpix5. >> and from the bay area to the vegas strip, another memorial was held to remember kenny cherry. >> kpix5, joe vazquez, talked to the mother of cherry's youngest child. >> as a matter of fact, the investigation continues. they just released information within the last hour on some of the victims, including a woman from washington state. 48-year-old sandra sutton, she died from blunt trauma, according to the coroner. she was just here at a convention and the taxi
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exploded upon impact. the taxi driver also died and now they are saying that mr. cherry, kenny cherry died of a gun shot wound to the chest. tonight, some friends and family members gathered on the las vegas strip at the site of that mayhem to y their respects to cherry and in fact, the mother of his two month old daughter says she is sad and angry. >> it was wrong. it was pure murder, that's what it was. pure murder. >> did you know the guy in the other car? >> we don't know who it is. we don't know why. we don't know anything. >> reporter: kenny cherry moved here to las vegas recently. he lived nearby at a luxury high-rise. that's according to neighbors who tell me friends and family members have been stopping by. it's close to the site of yesterday's shooting and multicar wreck that killed three people. six others were injured. there is now a nationwide man hunt for the driver of a black range rover with tinted windows. police say that a man inside
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that car shot cherry and set this deadly chaos in motion. back to you in san francisco. >> yeah, joe, it's been the top story here in the bay area for obvious reasons and we covered the memorial. how has tourism been impacted? something the entire city of vegas is rallying around? is it still much of a tourist attraction at the scene of the accident? >> people are aware of it. a lot of tour said they heard the impact. they are still up at that odd hour of the morning. 4:30 in the morning. and yet, life goes on. the strip is back opened up and we see that little memorial. it is nondescript and off to the side. >> joe vasquez, thanks. the cab driver who died in the inferno was 62-year-old michael bolden. drivers from all companies in vegas paid tribute to him this morning. they lined up and circled the corner of las vegas boulevard
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and flamigo road at 4:00 30rbgs the exact time of the shooting and crash. drivers let the meters run for 20 minutes and donated the amount to a memorial fund for the family. a fifth person has been charged in connection with the murder of a south bay millionaire. alleged prostitute, was in a san jose courtroom today. she is accused of killing kumra in his mansion back in november. three men are already facing murder charges while another woman has been charged with being an accessory to murder. an oakland man is enjoying his first night of freedom after more than six years. ronald ross went to prison for a crime he didn't commit. >> real nice to be free again. it's been a long journey for me. >> ross broke down in court as a judge ordered him release. his mom couldn't wait to give him a hug. >> i'm 77 years old and i have
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never felt like this in my life. god is so good. >> ross was sentenced to 22 years to life by a shooting. a team of students from santa clara university and volunteer lawyers worked for years to prove his innocence. oscar pistorius is free on bail tonight. a judge concluded the double amputee dugged, the blade runner, is not a danger and possesses no flight risk. the decision follows tw days of hearings about how he shot and killed his girlfriend, model, reeva steenkamp inside his home on valentine's day. pistorius thought he was shooting an intruder. meanwhile, lance armstrong is facing a new legal opponent tonight. the justice department joined a lawsuit alleging armstrong defrauded the u.s. government when he lied about doping. demanding the $30 million in
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sponsorship money that was supplied by the u.s. post office be returned. >> checking bay area headlines, san francisco police are using shopping bags as a new weapon against a scam targeting elderly asian women. several have been victimized by con artists who approach the women and tell them to put their money and valuables in a bag to lift a curse from their family. now police are handing out their own shopping bags that say, beware of street scams. and pg and e is showing off its new device. it's a high-tech, wireless camera that can be inserted inside gas transmission lines. the $800,000 project is part of the utility's effort to improve safety after the blast. and things are back to normal on the city college campus in san francisco after a nearly 24 hour sit in. dozens of students camped
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inside. they called on the chance throar do more. thigh e ended their protester agreed to meet with them. >> when he hopped on board a bart train with his bride to be. kit dotels us, their marriage plans were nearly derailed when duty called. >> san jose police sergeant is more lover than fighter. sometimes, he is both. >> just a regular guy, happy to have a job and happy to have such a gorgeous partner. >> frederick and his fiance took bart to get their marriage license in san francisco. they paid $75. as their train pulled into oakland. she was surrounded by an angry mob. the suspect threw kicks and punches and someone tried to
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zap her. >> i stayed for a few moments and he dis appeared. >> it turns out. 200 pound cop is a former olympic star. trained extensively in mixing arts. the savanna winery sp frederick showed us what happened next. >> i said listen, i'm a police officer, you need to come around. i felt a little tug, so then i go like this and i told her like this. >> bart police met them at the next stop and arrested her. the clock was ticking and no time to stay and fill out a police report. important. we are trying to get with we plows go? they were like, yeah, go ahead. >> they made the appointment
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with four minutes to go. >> amazing. >> did you think you were meant to be on that tray? >> i do. maybe we'll find out later. >> officer coto's dad is the star of 100 different tv shows and movies. probably best known for his role as a gritty cop in the homicide, life op the steat. officer coto is undergoing knee replacement surgery. that was probably his very last takedown. the wedding is set for next month. live in san jose, cbs 5. flight delays, job layoffs, even foot shortages. all the scary predictions that the sequester doom's day, just a woke from now. >> i don't care about any of that. i want to ride bart.
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she went to -- why she is under arrest over a dirch body part. >> good friday evening to you. you made it to the weekend. we had rain earlier this week, but it is mainly clear on the radar. over the south bay, what's going to happen next? our next chance of rain or your return to 70 degrees. forecast is next. ,,,,,,
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this is speeding. this is in a rush. this is fast food. this is accelerating. and thisis happening too fast. this is the express lane. getting a ticket. and thisis the fast track. this is the fastest in-home wi-fi for all rooms, all devices, all the time. this is xfinity internet. call or click to get started today. xfinity. the future of awesome. dire. 85-billion dollars will fall out of the federal the cuts are getting closer and warnings more dire. $85billion will fall out of the federal budget next friday unless lawmakers can strike a deficit reduction deal.
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kpix5, lindsey yee, on some of the places you might feel the pinch. >> the inconvenience of airport security checks is about to get worse. thousands of security screeners could be furloughed. wait times at the airport, possibly another hour. >> have to come here another hour early, and i'm mad about it. >> school lunch programs will take a hit and thousands of teachers could lose their jobs. federal dollars that pay for some homeless programs and subsidized housing will also evaporate. a san francisco's point man on housing and homeless programs. >> the funds are precious to leverage what we are doing and losing a million, having an additional, you know, 256 people without a rental subsidy. becoming homeless because we don't have the support. i think these are big problems for san francisco. >> terrant can only find part-
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time jobs, and he needs help with his rent. a subsidy he can't afford to lose. >> i need that income. i need that to help my family, to support my family. my parents. >> millions of long-term unemployed would lose $400 in benefits. craig williams says that will put him one step closer to welfare. he goes to the state employment development office every day to look for work. >> it's hard to get a job. people coming out of colleges and school and stuff, you know. and the economy, you know, it is really, really slow. >> republicans accuse the white house of scare tactics to get a second tax hike. congress will have to make tough budget choices when they are back in session next week. >> you think they're doing the job? >> no. they should come to some kind of an agreement. >> it is political theater with a plot that doesn't have a happy ending for anyone.
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at san francisco international airport, kpix5. a deal has been reached that could make the high speed rail project a little less objectionable to people living on the peninsula. jerry hill announced a bill guaranteeing the trains would run on the two existing tracks. the proposed plan built two new tracks. >> we were concerned that what we saw was not something in this community would accept. we have a lack of trust and after the bill was passed, the funding, it left some open doors that we wanted to close. >> and provides funding to electrify the cal train tracks. it's back to work for crews on the new bay bridge. one day after a crane tipped over. today, we found the twisted crane behind a caltrans office in oakland. investigators are trying to
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figure out what dossed the collapse. the new bay bridge is still on schedule to open labor day weekend. and kpix5 is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. san jose woman who went to prison for planting a severed finger just cooked up more trouble for herself. kpix tells us, this time it's not a finger, but a foot. 47-year-old anna appeared if santa clara superior court and shielded her face from the cameras. his son also appeared in court using crutches. he is known after making up a story in 2005 about finding a severed finger in a bowl of chili at wendy's. >> it's not good. i worry. >> in this latest case,
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guadalupe reyes was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. then to cover up with what happened. she lied to police and made up a story about her son being shot by two men for no apparent reason. police say he gave a vivid description of the suspect and police almost arrested that man before determining the whole story was a fake. >> we conducted testing. we treated it like the real deal. >> a judge set ail $50,000 for best reyes and her son. >> she has a history of manipulating the system and we feel she's a flight risk. >> this case began in october, it took so long to investigate because iella was so specific in describing these suspects. right down to the fact that one
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had big ears. i'm mark cayer, kpix. >> this weather. >> it's going to be sticking around for a while. makes one smile. wait until you see. wait until it will be 70 degrees. peek outside tonight, zoom things out super wide, showing you just about all of northern california. when we get a front coming through, we cannot get any rain fall. we had showers a few hours north of here and a slight chance of a shower toward lake county. right now the low profile says we are going to keep temperatures up. oakland 44. your start your weekend at had 2 degrees. there are fronts, there are pacific storm systems moving in. what we don't have happening is
10:21 pm
fronts making it down here with any moisture. high pressure is off to our west and taking all the moisture, riding it over top of the ridge, washington is getting wet. northern california is getting wet. maybe some snow as that moisture rides down the mange. not a rain after follow. 6 days of sunshine. cloudy tomorrow morning. here's a chance of a sprinkle or two in the knott way. sunny by the afternoon. we are staying dry and trending closer. livermore # 8. so we'll be a couple degrees cooler. santa clara tomorrow 61. morgan hill 60. palo alto 60s. walnut creek, concord, ann yours truly, and upper 50s for
10:22 pm
you, alameda county. how about f 0s and sunny? ale the but through next wednesday. upper 60s, first day of march coming in like a lamb. upper 60s with sunshine. i think we'll hit 70 degrees before we get this next drop of rain. this is odd, to start off so wet and go completely dry. >> unprecedented. >> it is. i would offer that. >> call it a miracle march. still doing it. >> not exactly the lockness monster, but a mystery as well. what it is lurking beneath its surface. ,,,,,,
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♪ and it's beautiful able to do for over a hundr they paddled boaters on lake merritt did something today they haven't been able to do for over 100 years. they paddled out. the city removed dams, culverts, and redesigned roadways to reopen a link to the lake merritt channel. it is the first major milestone in a multimillion dollar effort to reconnect the lake to the
10:25 pm
bay. and improve water quality. the three phase project is scheduled to wrap up next year. a startling discovery has been made in lake tahoe. giant goldfish. researchers discovered them this week on their daily search for nonnative fish. it's the same species you can get in your store. people dumping their aquariums in the lake. >> those small little things that people have, can do a huge impact when you consider, probably not just one person doing it. >> researchers say the growing number of goldfish show how easy it is for an invasive species to take hold. the clarity of the lake will be impacted. the stars avoid being part of nhl history and can a new jersey help the warriors snap a losing streak? we have a model.
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the sports minute is next. ,,,, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good.
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in the hands of the forty-niners.... jim harbau said it's unlikely the teaml alex smith's future will remain in the hands of the 49ers. jim harbaugh said it's unlikely they will release the pick. the black hawks have not lost a game in regulation all season. scoreless late in the first when patrick marlowe pokes in the rebound. his 11th of the year. the black hawks found a way to get it done. two unanswered goals. the black hawks make nhl history. seven straight games with a point to start the game. the sharks lose 2-1. win, the bears all over oregon state.
10:29 pm
late with a game high 14 points. number six ranked cal over oregon state, 77-55. andrew lists war yours down one against the spurs. jared jack buries a three. they tie it. the spurs go to overtime. the warriors come up defensively. set currie, 27 points for jack. 107-101 warriors the final and those are the new jersey's, the first team to wear them. nobody looking bert than paul right now. >> paul is wearing a spring special. so it's a little tight. >> do you have a hard time breathing? >> they are lighter, apparently. >> they are lighter than they look. >> i nt heavier. >> this is an example. >>

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